High Country Capital Partners specializes in acquiring value-add multifamily properties. Our mission is to offer institutional-grade investments, historically only available to the ultra-rich, to our everyday investors providing exceptional returns and wealth growth. We target properties in emerging markets aiming to boost value, NOI, and tenant well-being. These properties have shown consistent stability and cash flow across all market cycles

Investment Criteria


  • Positive population growth
  • Positive job growth
  • Real estate friendly laws & regulations
  • Majority of population still in workforce
  • Low crime


  • Type: Multifamily residential apartments
  • Location: Sunbelt states and other emerging markets
  • Class: B & C class buildings located in A & B areas
  • Vintage: 1975 and newer
  • Size: 30+ Units


High Country Capital Partners excels in the multifamily industry by securing off-market deals through strong broker relationships. Our proactive approach allows us to analyze and select prime properties before they hit the market.

We prioritize a meticulous debt and equity financing strategy tailored to property type, renovations, and investor goals, typically planning for a 2-10 year hold.

Each apartment community undergoes a rigorous due diligence process including physical inspections, financial audits, and legal analysis, ensuring comprehensive understanding of the property.

Value-Add Strategy

The easiest way to look at an apartment complex is like a business. The more income an apartment complex generates, the more valuable it becomes. We specifically look for opportunities to increase the cash flow of properties. These opportunities are called “Value-Add Plays” or “Value-Add Opportunities”.

Common Value-Add Examples:

  • Deferred Maintenance:
    • We look for properties that have postponed necessary repairs, often due to financial constraints or oversight. We make these repairs and then prioritize regular inspections, budget for repairs, and address issues promptly. By staying on top of maintenance we maintain property value, attract better tenants, and reduce future repair costs. Proactive maintenance maximizes returns and ensures investment success
  • Below Market Rents:
    • We look for properties with rents below the market average. We renovate our properties so we can gradually increase rents to the market average. This boosts cash flow, increases property value, and improves tenant satisfaction and retention
  • High Vacancy:
    • We look for properties with a significant number of unoccupied rental units that are harming property income and value. We adjust rental prices, improve property features, and implement targeted marketing strategies to fill those units. This enhances cash flow, increases property value, and improves tenant satisfaction leading to better long-term returns on investment
  • Inadequate property management:
    • We look for properties that have neglected the maintenance, tenant relations, financial management, and compliance with local regulations. We substitute them with a trusted company and provide comprehensive training on our operational plans. We maintain frequent communication and collaborate closely throughout the property’s lifespan, offering support and guidance to address any issues or challenges that arise. This enhances our reputation, lowers operating costs, and retains tenants
  • Missed Income opportunities:
    • We look for properties that have underutilized space, outdated amenities, and inefficient rental strategies. We analyze and make the best use of all property spaces, update amenities, and optimize rental rates. This maximizes rental revenue, boosts property worth, and secures a more profitable investment
  • No or poor amenity package:
    • We look for properties with amenities in poor condition, or have no amenities at all, that are lowering tenant satisfaction and reducing competition within the market. We evaluate the current amenities and prioritize upgrades, or additions, based on tenant preferences. We then market upgraded amenities to attract tenants. This increases tenant satisfaction, provides a competitive edge, and enhances property value